Tuesday 18 May 2010

The silence of the a-larms....

  Another evening session on the lake tonight......and the second without any success.

My confidence wasn't dented too much though because there were several others on the lake and all but one blanked.  The one who did catch, managed a single 3lbTench.   There were some well known names fishing opposite me, so I was glad that I didn't make a twat of myself by falling in or casting into a tree or something.

The waiting begins.....

The weather has improved vastly since last week, but why the fish are not responding to anglers baits is a mystery. It did cross my mind that there were a lot of may fly around, could the fish have been preoccupied feeding on them, but there was no sign of fish topping out in the lake at all. The only one I saw porpoised two feet in front of my RH rod.

more waiting in action...!

This is a water of changing moods and will probably fish its head off in a day or two,  when I can't be there !

Hopefully I can time my session better next time !


  1. Good things come to them that wait mate..I've just had a good look around your blog, very enjoyable.

  2. Thanks Gurn, like wise mate. Good luck for the new river season, lets hope we have a productive one.