Monday 18 May 2015

One little fish

So we're away for the weekend and Jacob asks if I will take him fishing. This was a bit of a shock as he's always been a bit reluctant to go with me in the past. Next morning we were out on the caravan park lake nice and early-ish at around 7:30am.

I set up two rods, one a waggler rod and second utilizing my medium lure rod as a crude sliding bomb set up. A few missed bites on whole worm to the bomb started the session off before I decided to abandon it and concentrate on helping Jacob land his first fish. I did the casting as i just wanted him to enjoy catching and not confuse him with too many of the technicalities.

The first fish came in  soon after casting out, much to Jacobs surprise and obvious delight. Next cast and it was his turn on the rod. The float dipped again and Jacob struck well, wound in the fish and lifted it out swinging it gently to my hand with good control for his first go.

A series of fish came until he'd reached 10 to my 2. Mind you it was difficult to get a look in on the rod once he'd realised he was catching all the fish with minimal help from me. Every fish had to be photgraphed with him holding it up (like father like son). That was until he got a handfull of roach milt on one occasion. I told him it was just milk - easier than trying to explain the truth. (Don't worry he went staight to the toilet block to wash his hands). Eventually the stiff breeze and hunger got the better of him and he toddled off back to get breakfast in the warm. I carried on and managed one more fish on the worm rod, a nice 10 oz roach before the smell of bacon butties cooking had me also retreating out of the wind for breakfast.