Here are my current PB's.

Barbel 13lb 8oz - 8th July 2011

1lb 11oz Brown Trout (deadbait caught) - 9th September 2011 

8lb 13oz Bream (male) -  10th June 2012

5lb 2oz Chub - 2nd January 2006

3lb 7oz Crucian (un-confirmed) - 3rd May 2006

2lb 8oz Crucian (Marsh Farm Harris Lake) 14th August 2008

1lb (approx) Grayling - 5th January 2010

3lb 3oz Perch - 6th March 2011

Pike 20lb 2oz Canal 14th March 2013

1lb 2oz Roach (River) - 23rd July 2009

3oz Silver Bream (River) - 31st July 2010

7lb 5oz Tench (Female) - 20th May 2008

11lb 1oz Zander (Lake) -  7th October 2011

Targets to add ...

Carp - My PB was weighed at 10lb over ten years ago but was not photographed - desperately needs to be updated this year hopefully, watch this space ......

Eel - I have landed these to about 1lb plus but never weighed one other than a 7oz specimen last year for the bloggers challenge.

Rudd - I have caught these to about a pound from an old farm pool in my youth but again never photographed back in them days.