Friday 7 May 2010

More small tales from the canal ...

I mentioned in my previous post that I haven't had much time available for fishing at the moment.   Despite this I did manage to fit in a couple of hours on the canal on Tuesday for a quick session after Perch and Zander.
I tried a new stretch of canal which was very rural and surprisingly quiet in boat traffic.   The recently harvested lobworms were used on a size 4 hook to a running  feeder on 4lb line straight through. This was cast under an overhanging bush on the opposite bank, in front of a reed bed gradually emerging from its long winter slumber.   The Zander rig was my usual float set up with a roach head on a size 2 single hook.

The worm was the first to show indication with a short rise of the bobbin and a double bleep on the alarm. The bait was obviously dropped however and the tail end was missing on retrieval.   The float rod was away next and another small Zander was soon netted, this one putting up more of a fight than usual, giving me a bit of excitement for a moment.   The fight defied its size though as it was only around the 2lb mark.

That was about the last of the action except for one more short tug on the bobbin as a fish checked the worm.   I wrapped things up soon after about 9pm.

The next plan is to get my Tench campaign underway hopefully by next week.   I am practically chomping at the bit especially after reading about all the cracking Tench coming out so far this year.

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