Wednesday 31 December 2008

Dove & Trent session

20th Novemeber 2008

I fished the Dove for Grayling using a cage feeder packed with bread crumb and maggot or sweetcorn on the hook. However despite good conditions I never received a single bite. Fishing an area that is noted for the sepcies, I then tried trotting a float down with single or double maggot but this failed to provoke any fish either !

Water temp was an adequate 9 deg C all day, so not sure what I did wrong ? Maybe it was just the location, or something wrong with my presentation.

For the second part of my session I visited a part of the Upper Trent and worm fished for Perch, but after having one missed bite, I failed to catch anything there too.
The swims were definatly screaming perch, with deep slack water of about 6ft+ and lots of heavy tree cover. I have read reports that indicate there are some big perch in this area and I can well believe it. So expect I will be back again for another go before the season is out, it looks that good.