About Me

I've been a bit of blogger since the end of 2007, so I'm quite adept at writing up something out of nothing by now !  

Originally the aim of the blog was to record details of my sessions for my future reference, but since I have gone "live to the world" I find it fascinating that other people are interested in my humble results too.  Hopefully you will enjoy reading about what I'm up to,  or find something of use from this site.  I don't claim to be any kind of expert and I am continually learning (sometimes I never learn !).I don't get to fish as often as I'd like to and my results are usually limited to just one 4 or 5 hour session a week. 

I think I've owned a fishing rod since I was about 8 years old and served my apprenticeship catching small Perch, Roach, Carp and Tench from my local River Blythe or Kingsbury Water Park.  I was lucky enough to land the odd splasher Barbel from the Middle Severn whenever I could get there too.

My first Barbel - River Severn 1987

A Barbel  from the Severn caught in a match 1987, Plough Team - Shustoke

The earliest influences I can remember as a kid were reading the Catch series of weekly books (anyone remember them ? ) I still have all 52 copies in the loft.   Also, I can vividly remember reading Angling Times around the time Alan Wilson caught his 12lb record Tench from Wilston Reservoir, I know this must have fired an interest in them for me.  Imagine my excitement at catching one over 5lb in the same year from a river, which was a good fish way back in 1986, in my region anyway. 

My first Tench  1986 -  I have no explanation for the hat!

My first Carp in 1988

I flitted in and out of fishing during the 90's with the odd pleasure session here and there each summer throughout my late teens and twenties,  not picking up the reigns properly again until my early thirties. ( I know I still only look about 12 - it must have been the easy paper round !)

One off the top from pine pool 1990 (it must have liked my hair !)

Nowadays I enjoy all forms of our sport and have recently included trotting for grayling on the Dove to my list of experiences.  I have also started to get an interest for the bigger predators over the last few years and can see me putting in more sessions pursuing Zander and Pike in the future.

Angling influences include:
Terry Lampard
Tony Miles
John Wilson
Phil Smith

Enjoy reading the blog, its not meant to be anything other than a record of my sessions.  Lately I find myself influenced by what I can include in the blog whenever I'm out fishing including good photo opportunities, its a kind of reverse logic really !! If you write one you'll know exactly what I mean.

Tight lines !