Saturday 1 August 2009

Bank high blank

Thur 30th July
Another visit to the Dove and this time the water had been over the banks and was receeding back down again.

The level was back to the rim when I arrived, but the swim I had planned to fish was inaccessable, well safely anyway due to a run off ditch that, normally dry, was now coursing with about 2ft plus of water draining off the fields back into the river.

After testing the depth with a stick I decided that I would get a welly full and didn't fancy sitting there with wet legs all night or trying to get back across in the dark. So after a bit of consideration I headed for another stretch over at Marston.
On arriving I didnt have much time to set up before dark. I checked out a few swims near the bridge and decided on one in the lee of a tree on the near bank out of the main flow would be fine. I had one rod out with pellets or M C boilies and the other on meat. The only interest all night was when the meat rod sprang forward momentarily but waiting for any development resulted in nothing. The temperature dropped after dark and by 11:30 I'd had enough so packed up defeated again.
There are fish reported on the forums coming out all over the river now though so it's just a matter of time I'm sure.