Monday 5 October 2009

Pool fishing for a change...

Sat 3rd Oct 2009

After arriving on the venue about 7:30 am, I wondered around the pool to choose my peg first. I started off fishing small luncheon meat cubes and hookable pellet to try and tempt the wild carp that are in this water but to be honest I couldn't be bothered trying too hard. After a few hours with just a small roach caught on a bunch of maggots to show for my efforts, I decided to try the pole and catch some bits. After catching a few nice 'deadbait' sized Roach I packed up at around noon.

About half way through the session I'd noticed a 5" roach dive out the water while being pursued by an unseen predator, which got my wondering about the Perch potential in the water. On the way back to the car I chatted a match angler about the perch in the water and he said there were some decent fish in here, what he means by decent is anybodies guess but it's enough to go on I think. Plus I know where they can be located in winter so it should be easy to find out. Livies should not be a problem to catch here either.