Sunday 6 April 2008

Four seasons in one session !!

Fishing a blizzard

Fished a local lake today in mixed weather conditions to say the least. One moment it was sunny and the next it was a blizzard. There were swifts sipping the fly hatch coming off the surface - not that I could see any flies but there must have been some for all those birds to be skimming at the water surface like that. As the snow started to come down shortly after I arrived the birds all disappeared, but then returned again when the sun came back out and the snow had stopped falling.

The water temp remained a steady 10 deg C throughout the session but the air temp varied from 8 down to 4. I fished a feeder rod on a bar 30 yards out with Roach the intended target, mashed bread in the feeder and flake pinched onto the hook. Also a simple float set up on the other rod with a nice big lobworm for the perch just a rod length out. Neither produced any fish but I did get a couple of liners on the feeder set up.

Conditions improve for a while

Eventually I conceeded defeat and packed up 1/2 hour before dark as the next band of snow came in. Barry (a regular to the venue) came round on his evening walk early on in the session and confirmed that 3 people had fished so far but no fish had been caught or reported so far this year.