A selection of my rigs

1. Short Semi Stiff Link

The first rig is one I've used successfully for Tench over the past four seasons and has also accounted for some Bream and even a 3lb Crucian along the way.   Tench anglers will know all about this method which acts as a bolt rig but this hooklength can be used on a helicopter / chod set up too.

The rig is quite simple to tie.  With some 12lb mono or fluorocarbon.   I use 6kg amnesia to allow the bait to waft around due to its suppleness and it's less likely to break due to shock because of a better tensile strength than fluoro.  

Use a knotless knot to attach your hook (a size 10 ESP Raptor T6 seen here) and leave a long tail.    Then attach your swivel, this can be fiddly but using a palomar knot you can adjust the position of where the knot will end up.   You are looking for a hooklength of around 2 -  3" from swivel to hook eye. 

To add my bait, I just thread the tail onto a needle and poke it (carefully) through the corn or maggot imitation and then simply use a lighter to blob the end of the tail so the bait doesn't slide off (watch your fingers!). Rubber maggot is optional of course, as fake corn works well enough on its own.

This will create a popped up short hooklink that can be used either with an inline lead,  Drennan type feeder or even on a method feeder,  which I use quite a lot.     I add some tungsten putty to critically balance the bait so that it just hovers a few inches away from the feeder/ weight.  
Here's a selection of variations I have made up for quick use on the bank.  I usually make them up at home as they can be fine tuned easier there in a bowl of water. 

2. The Combi Rig

This is a rig used for my barbel fishing mainly but is technically a carp rig by origin.  I can't claim to be its creator (I wish) but it is a rig that I use alot and gives me total confidence.

The easiest way to describe it is to show you, see Shaun Harrison's combi link for the simple guide on how to tie it.   If you are moderately competent you will have no problem tying this one.  The key advantage is the hinge effect that will allow the bait and hook to easily lift into a fishes mouth.  Good to use in conjunction with flouro hooklengths, which is why I tried it in the first place.

3. The Mag Aligner Semi Stiff Rig

This is a bit of a classic now, dveloped since the introduction of the rubber maggot by the likes of Enterprise, for use in Carp fishing initially but now widely used for Tench, Bream and other species, even Barbel.

Simply tie on a size 8 or 10 hook ( I use a palomar knot or a grinner) to some mono or in this case, amnesia 6kg.  Next tie on a swivel no more than 2 to 3 inches from the hook and attach to the main line after it is passed through the in line feeder.


On the lake bed

4. More rigs that can be tried

Medusa combi rig

Squid rig

Balanced rubber corn