Saturday 19 December 2009

Tales from the Freezer !

I had planned to go Perch / Grayling fishing on the Dove and despite the recent snowstorms hitting the country I headed out anyway in the sub zero temperatures. I had planned to arrive just before light, which is about 7:30am at the moment, but due to the icy conditions on the roads it was nearly 8 before I had parked and walked to the chosen stretch. Negotiating the ruts and cows hoof holes on the solid frozen ground reminded me of hopping over slippery rocks when rock pooling in the summer.

The depth changes frequently along the margin

The plan was to fish for Perch for the first hour or so, and then trot a float for Grayling until lunchtime. I set up both rods and began the session fishing a new softbait shad I had just bought.
  (I think I am quickly falling into the trap of uncontrolled addiction to buying lures!)

Will I find any Perch that will like these ?

The lure performed very well in the clear water, It would fool me anyway. It had the added benefit of giving me an indication of water depths in various swims to store in my mind for future knowledge. I then moved onto trotting red maggots or corn for Grayling when I saw a lovely glide with a nice crease to follow. I soon developed a pattern of fish a "Grayling " run, then moving down stream and stopping between runs to fish any "Perchy" looking holes or features on my near bank. I didn't get round to taking the water temperature but it must have been near to zero.

If I was a Perch,  I'd live here

Wake up & smell the coffee ... nice!!

I'd reached the end of the stretch by lunch time and it was soon time to pack up and go home in time for the wife to go out for some more last minute Christmas shopping while I looked after the Kids.

Dressing like the KLF didn't seem to impress the fish ! 

It was minus 2 on the car themometer and it certainly felt it out on the bank.
I plan to be out on the canal again soon if it's not frozen over!

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