Thursday 17 December 2009

Blythe Spirits....

A menacing enigma has been eating into the fish stocks on the River Blythe near Coleshill this week.  The photo below was taken by a mate on the 15th Dec on a stretch  "above Coleshill ".

Approx 10lb (ottered) common

I've not fished there since late season 2007-08 but was planning to  return to this lovely stretch very soon. It's a small river with stocks of Barbel, Chub, Pike and Perch etc, and I'm sure anyone who has ever fished this river will be concerned for the welfare of these fish now !

Lets hope they have as much success as I normally do on there, give up and swiftly move on before the water is devastated - if only they ate the crayfish !!!

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