Wednesday 6 May 2009

Pwllheli Bass fishing

Sunday/Monday 3rd -4th May 2009

I was on holiday in Pwllheli, Wales for the weekend with the wife and kids and so not one to miss an opportunity, I packed a rod and a few lures in the hope of sneaking in a Bass session.

I managed a quick 10 min session on the Sunday afternoon as we went to see the beach and even saw a couple of fish topping within casting range, but there was no interest in my lures.

These were Poppers such as Storm Chug Bug and Yo-zuri or Rapala's (shown in photo) and also the classic Bass lure the Dexter wedge, (not shown) on which I caught my first (and only) Bass last year in Cornwall.

On the Monday morning I was up at 4:30am to fish not long after the top of the tide, it was only just starting to get light as I started fishing. I like this time though, as it's a great time to be on the beach, you have the whole area to yourself. There's just you, the sea plus the various bird life moving about at that time, it really feels like you having an "at one with nature" kind of experience and is defiantly worth losing the sleep for.
I saw a fish top not long after arriving and near to where I was casting to but despite covering the area well, there was no take !! I saw another fish a short while later but again no interest in the either the Dexter wedge or the popper lures. My only regret from this session is that I didn't try the jointed rapala plug earlier, as it might have been the right pattern for the day ? who knows? The fish had probably moved on by the time I tried it anway, which would have been move than an hour after high tide by this time.

One thing I do know is I'd love to catch another Bass on this method it would be a great buzz to get another one now I've tried for them a few times. I will be defiantly trying again next time I'm at the sea.

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