Tuesday 5 May 2009

I didn't even realise it was a bite !

Friday 1st May 2009 I was Zander fishing on the canal again this week and decided to have a good go at catching one using a lure. I walked to a different section of the canal fishing from the remaining abutment of an old demolished bridge, then worked my way back up to a busy marina trying out several lures in the process. None of them had induced any takes despite me trying some extremely tasty looking spots with overhanging trees or other features such as boats and reed beds. My favorite lure was an green perch imitation jig that seemed to be the right weight for casting and behaved well in the water to my eye anyway. The fish didn't seem to agree though but it also appeared they weren't too keen on any of the other lures I tried either, be it a plug or jig style. I will be pleased when I finally catch something lure fishing to boost my confidence, as I have tried a handfull of times recently but not had any results as yet.

For the second part of the session I fished two rods on a float set up, with roach or sprat sections on the hook. I decided to cast to a new swim on my way to the swim where I caught before and I had a take first cast. The float appeared to be drifting along just after I had cast it in as if there was some under tow pulling it (such as when a lock is opened further up the canal). While I was getting my other rod out of the quiver, I saw the float bob and move, which I knew meant it was in fact a take.
I picked up the rod wound down and set the hook. The fish shot up the canal to my left then I played it back and netted it quite quickly after a short but spirited fight. I obviously hadn't realised it had been a bite on the drop.

At 1lb 15oz it was my second Zander and had taken a Roach head on two size 10 trebles.

I moved a swim further up after a little while as there were no more takes in the first swim and caught another baby Zander at about half a pound. He had scoffed half a Roach, just goes to show what aggressive fish they are.

After the second Zed I continued along the canal to the natural end of the stretch near to another old dismantled bridge. I had a few inquiries along the way but nothing that developed into a take. I did manage to spook a large fish that lives under a small overhanging bush and will be back to investigate further later in the year.

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