Friday 7 September 2012

Nailed !

Been trying out the small 3" Kopyto's since they arrived a few weeks ago but had yet to catch on them. To be fair I hadn't given them much of a go really.

I had another little dabble on the way home  yesterday and decided to leave the spinners in the bag and try to tempt something on the small 3g red /white jig. First cast near some weeds and overhanging bushes and bang fish on !

Nailed ! - first perch on a jig


No more interest after that in the couple of swims I tried before heading home in time for tea !


  1. Well done mate, always nice to catch on a bogey lure

  2. Very nice Lee, I have been hearing some positive news regarding the Kopytos from a chap who uses them on the Thames.

  3. So far so good Mark, it was Leo who put me onto them so he deserves the credit.

    It's all about confidence and a bit of skill and technique thrown in as well, knowing you have a proven lure on helps with this no end.