Monday 30 July 2012

Going spinning.. session 1

After the pike attack on the end of my rod last week it spurred me on to get the spinning rod out and try for some summer predator sport. I sneaked in an hour or two on the river on the way home work during the week but this produced nothing. A few texts were batted back and forth with  Leo for advise and I was soon digging out the gold spinner stuck in the lonely corner in my lure box.

An early start after a very late night watching the Olympic opening ceremony I was up and out by the river at 7:00am. The gold spinner was rotating its way frantically back to the bank, when a pike launched itself out from under the lillie's right across and over it. That was near miss number one ..

The fish hung around in front of me for a while and I managed to take a few snaps with my cheapo point n click. (looking for a new camera at the moment).

Look, there's the pike

(With a bit of photo editing)... aha, now you see it !
And there goes the first missed opportunity !

Meanwhile, back to the fishing and I was really struggling to hook anything despite 3 or 4 nocks on the lure whilst retrieving. Another missed chance further upstream, and this time it was apparent that to get a hook up they must take it first time as they won't be tempted with the spinner after the initial attack, they're obviously not complete mugs.

Finally, I landed a small perch just before packing up then lost another as I tried to swing it up to hand - being too lazy to bend down and pick the net up !

 I think this might be my first ever lure caught perch !!

Bird spotting corner ....

Thought this could be a rarer lesser spotted woodpecker - but it turned out to be a greater

I'm in the market for a new camera, so I'm looking at bridge cameras at the moment...  can't wait to get one as taking photos to accompany my fishing is a big part of the enjoyment.  The cheapo samsung (wife's old camera)  that I'm making do with since dropping my old canon in the drink and ruining the lens, can't possibly come near to type of shots I'm would like to achieve.

Got some more lure fishing planned in the week, I'm looking forward to it already...

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