Saturday 16 July 2011

Taming some Teme tiger cubs

All day at work I had debated whether to head back to the Dove to try to up my barbel tally from that river, or to trek south again to the Teme for a better chance of netting a few rather than fishing for just one or two bites on the dove. I chose the latter and headed to Worcester again.

It was forecast for rain about 7pm and shortly after arriving on the bank it started raining right on cue. I baited two swims about 400 yrds apart with casters, hemp and a sprinkle of micro pellets. Back at swim one I swung the feeder and braid hooklink into position and waited for some action. 

4lb of power

 It didn't take long before the tip started twitching until it eventually pulled round enough for a strike. A powerful fish took off downstream but was soon brought up stream to the deeper pool out in front of me.  After several lunges from the fish it was eventually netted.  I'd forgotten how powerfully these teme fish can fight, it was only small at about 4lb, but fought like a fish far larger.

And this a safer peg !

To swim two next, and the same tactics were employed. This time the first fish was a small chublet that snaffled the casters.  Darkness was just decending now and the second patch of rain forcast began to fall (first time I've know the BBC weather to be so accurate !).  I swapped the hooklink over from caster to pellet and lowered the rig into the swim again, just a rods length out.  The tip pulled round after no more than 5 or 6 mins and another hard fighting fish was on.  I stopped it heading under the tree I was fishing against and soon had it netted but not without a struggle, the rod hooping round alarmingly at one point, it was real hit and hold.  Another smallish fish at 6lb 8oz that still gave a solid fight. Both were certainly more of a test than last weeks fish that was more than twice the size !

Back at swim one I got some more taps and plucks that were probably just chub, but no more fish.
The baiting plan seemed to have worked OK but in hindsight I should have found a couple of swims closer together. Not always easy on the teme though as the banks are treacherous when wet, so I'd chosen two swims that were as safe as possible to get in and out of especially once it was dark.  I didn't get as many fish as I'd wanted really but at least I didn't blank either.

You might have noticed my photos have a strange fog in the centre of the picture. This is the result of a moisture smear left inside the lense after the camera was dropped in the drink a little while ago and then dried out on the radiator.  I am now looking at new cameras so I can get back to achieving some decent pictures again. I think the focusing has been affected too, especially at low light levels. So unfortunalty my Canon is no longer able to produce the quality I want.  That new float rod will have to wait a little bit longer !

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  1. I know how you feel about dropping cameras!!!
    Nice brace though.