Friday 11 February 2011

Stick-ing with it...

Thur 10th Feb
2:30pm - 5:30pm
Ave Temp -  8c
Pressure - Steady, with slight fall  1009 hPa
Cloudy - Light Drizzle

I managed another short session down on the River Anker again. Fishing till about 5:30pm, I managed a nice little net of roach, gudgeon and a solitary chub.

Trotting  a 5BB stick in about 10ft of water down the same run as last time, I was soon getting bites and started catching fish straight away. They were only small roach in the 2 - 3 ounce bracket so nothing to trouble the scoreboard,  but is was nice to just be out catching a fish a chuck for once.

As the session progressed I put a sleeper rod out with cheesepaste on for the chub, then later after no interest and as the light started to fade, changed to worm in the hope of anything really, but a good sized Perch was the target.
As dusk drew more towards darkness, I tried a piece of flake and caught this 3.4lb chub first run through. It had a face that reminded me of the parrot fish you see in warm coral seas.  Unfortunately that was the last of the fish and it was soon too dark to see the float well enough.

A face only a mother could love   (oi  the chub not me ! )

On the last few run through I looked up to see the tip on the sleeper rod tap forward a little, but I was too busy on the trotting rod to react. When the rod was brought in the worm had lost a good 80% of its length ! Damn.

An enjoyable few hours really.  I don't do this kind of fishing nearly enough and playing that chub on light tackle reminded me of how I started off years ago fishing all day on small commercials for anything that came along, catching all kinds of species from roach, chub, crucians, tench and carp. There's a special feeling to be had when you get a good fish on just 2lb bottom, knowing you've had to work to coax it to the net.


  1. Sounds like a nice afternoon's work Lee. Plus that bonus chub.

  2. nice one keep up the good work m8 witch part ov the river anker was u fishing

  3. Hi andrew - it's Tamworth stretch.