Sunday 21 November 2010

Timing it right

I've been struggling for fish over the past few sessions, so I've not really bothered to report on them. I think it's just down to timing my sessions during a feeding spell, especially now the temperatures have dropped to low single figures and the first few frosts of the year have already happened.  Choosing the right conditions are definitely more important at this time of year as the fish will feed for shorter periods at a time.

My latest session was this morning, and with an air temp around 3 deg I hoped this would not put off the fish.   I started the morning hoping to catch some more baits from the nearby pool but I couldn't even get the roach to feed.  I also had a float fished lobworm out for any perch that might be lurking next to the weed bed on the left. After an hour of complete in-action I gave up and moved back onto the canal to try for a morning zander. 

That should be - " No Chance of Catching " in my case
Despite my best efforts it was a futile session ending with another blank. I tried all the known spots with no results, I just hope I can do better on my next trip out when I meet up with Jeff again.

These are all pretty reliable areas - but not today  !
Even this mouthwatering roach kebab was not enough to entice !
  My set up never really changes, in fact its pretty easy to catch zander if your location is correct.  I think my conclusion over these past few sessions is that there's no real way of knowing if the fish will be feeding or not, it's ultimately a case of right place and right time.

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  1. It's odd with canal fish in general, that they seem to have periods when they are all off, and periods when they are all on. My last session was three hours, but the first half was spent in a state of complete inactivity, then, as if a switch had been thrown I had four fish, one after the other and If I'd not run out of glow sticks, I'm sure I'd have had more until the inevitable switch off.

    And you know when the switch is off, it's OFF!