Sunday 1 August 2010

Hi Ho Silver slime-ing

I'm having a bit of a fishing bonanza this weekend while the wife and mother in law have taken the kids to her caravan.  :)

I spent the late afternoon into evening fishing the lovely pool on a local river again. This time the aim was to fish caster in the feeder and see what turned up.  I'd really hoped to get some chub but that was not to be, in the end it turned out even better really.

First came another procession of Perch like this one...

These persisted for an hour until I started to get some silver action, first a Bleak then a chublet, until finally about an hour before dark I hit something that fought back a little. When it surfaced I thought it was a nice Roach until I saw the anal fin, I knew straight away what it might be.

Sure enough when I got home I checked it against the pictures on Jeff's site Idler's Quest  to verify what I had suspected.

The large eye and long pale anal fin were all clues leading to...... first Silver Bream ( that I'm aware of )

A lovely looking little fish, not massive just a few ounces maybe 3oz.  My scales are way too over gunned to to give an accurate reading. 

I continued fishing and caught another ...

                                                                    and another !

That was to be my lot as the perch started making another appearance before darkness fell.  The last few casts finished up with some gudgeon for good measure before I called it a night happy with my little haul of silvers.

That's another species ticked off the list.

The Silver Bream (Abramis bjoerkna or Blicca bjoerkna)

Silver Bream Identification Ref: (Jeff Hatt / 2009)
Thanks Jeff, I would have assumed it a skimmer or hybrid if I hadn't read your posts on the subject previously.


  1. It's the real deal, no doubt about it, Lee. Pretty little fish ain't they?

  2. yeah hansome little blighters, and another species to target now I've found some.