Saturday 13 March 2010

So near but so far...

I headed to the Dove for my final foray of the 2009/2010 river season, trotting for Grayling.   The river looked good on arrival despite the showers throughout the day, a nice tinge of green but a little low for my liking.   I headed for the swim that I had caught my previous and only Grayling in and fished red maggots on a size 16 barbless to 3lb line.    I tried for an hour or so but was unsuccessfull, so eventually decided to move to another area where I could trot a nice pool with a slow back eddie.

On arrival I spotted a Pike in residence below my feet,  I guessed it to be a low double ?   The fish looked like it was resting up after spawning and had some damage to its mouth possibly caused by the proceedings ?   I managed to get some pics of it, as it was very docile and wasn't bothered by me standing above it at all.   I even spooked it away at one stage by waving my arms at it but within minutes it was back again !   She didn't even flinch when I took pics of it using the flash later as the light fell.   If I'd had some pike tackle I'd of had a try for her but then in retrospect, judging her mood, she may not have been temptable anyway ?

Back to the trotting and the only fish I managed to hook in the pool escaped as it twisted and turned in the current, wriggling free just before I got it in.  My haste to get it past the Pike probably didn't help either.   It was only a small one but it would have been nice to finish the river season off with another Grayling, no matter what the size.  Oh well there's always next season, for now its back to the canals and lakes after Zander, Perch and Tench - (when it get a bit warmer).   Hopefully my next post will have a fish/es actually on the bank to show you.   I hope this new season will be more productive than 2009 /10 which has been a bit of a grueller for me, a few others too, from what I read on the forums.   I have caught a couple of nice fish along the way but it certainly hasn't felt as successsful as previous seasons.

The temperature was a constant 7c during the session a rise up from 4.5c on my last trip, so hopefuly we'll be into double figure temps by next month.    Tight lines for the new season !

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