Sunday 20 July 2008

Catching in a Summer Gale - more like surf fishing !

I met up with Steve to fish at Lakeside near Hinckley today. The target species and reason for choosing the venue was to fish for Crucians on the float rod, with corn and hookable pellet as bait. In what was very difficult conditions caused by the strong NW wind blowing diagnolly at 45 deg across from right to left, I was just able to set up a float and plumb the depth. After about 1/2an hour enough was enough though and even though I had managed a nice Roach on the corn, I had to move to a more sheltered spot as my float kept dissapearing beneath the waves, not ideal for delicate crucian fishing !

First cast in this calmer swim brought me a lovely Golden Rudd, that glowed with an almost flourescent metallic tangerine orange, mixed with red & brown colours.

I then caught a 2lb bream followed by some more small roach, another larger bream about 5lb that gave an amazing fight for a bream.

Finally I managed my first crucian of the season weighing in at a respectable 1lb 10oz.

I had a small common straight after. It took a while longer for the next crucian to come, and only after I had an inspired thought run through my head about trying further out as the fish may have fallen back there. Sure enough soon after I had my second crucian in the net another fine fish of 1lb 8oz

A good short session capped by achieving the target species - in quite difficult conditions.

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