Sunday, 26 August 2012

Getting jiggy with it ...

Since the Kopyto Jigs arrived I've not really had many "throws" of them, so in order to rectify that I headed out this morning to try out the 4" yellow / red head relax with a 7gram jig head and size 4/0 hook. Now I have not caught a fish yet using jigs so I was hoping to break my duck.

I got to the river by 7:00am and worked my way up to the top of the stretch stopping at a few of the likely swims along the way. Nothing showed any interest but I decided to persevere with the jig wondering if my lack of results so far was purely down to my retrieval methods with them?

The water was showing just hint of colour, and since yesterdays rain the flow under my bank as it ran off from the shallows up stream funnelling the current onto a deeper pool out in front was a bit strong for my liking . As I pondered the water the first of the mornings other anglers turned up for a look. I told him he was welcome to move in here, as I was heading back down stream to try some slacker areas.  I dropped into the next peg down at the tail of the pool and hooked a nice  jack of around 7lb at a guess on the first cast as the lure was worked literally feet from the bank. The sight of the fish three feet down below me was awesome as it's gills flared in surprise then took off at speed to dive under the marginal weeds. This was the biggest test for my 10 - 30 gram lure rod so far and it performed excellently stopping the fish and turning it with ease. The fish was netted in no time, and my faith in the jig as a method was suddenly lifted.

That funny sense of over assured confidence washed over me as I rushed the photo's to get the fish back in as quickly as possible.  I expected I would easily have at least another couple of fish by the time I got back to the car. This didn't happen of course, I worked the lure tirelessly in all the nooks and crannies I could think of on the way back downstream only to miss a take from a tiny jack just twice the length of the lure itself as I neared the last swim.  The lure works I know that for sure now but is it the best one for the job ? I don't know.  I think that most reputable lures will work for you otherwise why would they develop and then sell them, the important thing for the lure angler is to find the one that suits them and then be totally confident in it. I know that my skills as a lure angler are still in the early stages but as long as I have a lure that I know will at least attract fish I know I always have a chance.  The rest is down to me and how I work it back to the bank.

Tight lines!


  1. I've not got any kopyotos yet but hear great things about them and they're next on my shopping list, the 2 inch are killers for perch apparently. Keep at it there's more to be had on them for sure.

    1. Yes they were recommended to me and so far I'm happy, they seem to have a very realistic action.
      I'll certainly be trying the smaller ones for the perch.

      Read your blog over last few days, I'd be happy to get a fraction of your success. Your proof it were needed that lures don't just catch jacks ! Keep it going mate!

    2. I've found a few spots with pike in. If you can find similar, biggest tip is fish them as often as possible in as many different conditions and times of day that you can. I think a big part of pike fishing is being in the right place at the right time (i've not figured out what that right time is yet) but if you can keep hitting the bank you have more chance of getting there at that time. Some of my sessions are as short as 20 minutes and can still be very productive. I blank sometimes, and then others everything happens in half an hour.

  2. Forgot to say. You have some cracking pbs mate, shows you're a good all rounder. The perch is a beast, love that bar of gold at the top and of course I like the pike! :)

  3. Thanks mate, yes I do love all species but I have to say the preds are now my new obsession. It's all I want to do at the moment, and getting into lure fishing now certainly helps me sneak those cheeky extra half hour sessions in between work and family stuff.