Sunday, 5 August 2012

Spinning in the small rivers ... (Spinning 4)

Friday after work and yet another half hour on the river which produced one fish and this time it wasn't a perch ! A nice little jack graced the net taking one of the 30 plus 6 gram copper spinners that I'd bought last Sunday.

I spent a few quid last night buying some Kopyto jigs on recommendation from Leo, so when they turn up I'll be straight on the bank to see how I get on with them.  My lure fishing is still in its infancy really and although I've had a few half arsed attempts in the past and as a teenager, It is only this last week or so that my confidence has started to grow.  I'm starting to  see what all the fuss is about now.

Sunday Morning....

among the fields of barley !
After watching one of the best days sport Great Britain's ever produced at the Olympics yesterday, I was ready for a bit of gold myself.  So as I walked through fields of gold (sorry sting) at about 6 something this morning onto a small river with lure rod in hand, it was stripes, spots or even brassy silver I was hoping for.

that's plenty clear enough

Thankfully the river was flowing with clear water having fined down nicely since the deluge of yesterdays thunder storm and torrential downpour.

Summer time and the livings easy ...?

The sport was slow to start with, the gold spinner being ignored in the first pool. The atmosphere was eerily still and quite, a quite so pure in fact that at one point I wondered if I'd suddenly gone deaf ! You can only get this kind of peace being out early - it's a magical time to be on the river in the middle of nowhere. 

The spinner came good in second spot with several small perch being fooled in about a dozen casts.

When the pool had given me all it would,  I simply continued downstream to the next to start the process again. The results were similar but the stamp of fish a bit larger.

 A classic bend round every, erm ..corner !

I wondered further down stream findng new spots I'd never cast a line to before, catching more and more fish none of which would ever worry the net or scales, but even so still an enjoyable morning to be out catching, then back home by 930am to a cup of coffee and some toast. A great start to the day.


  1. That looks a very perchy little stream mate, does it throw up any specimens?

  2. Not that I've heard as yet !! It just looks like it could do a good one though. Worth a punt now and again espesially with the lure rod.

  3. That's a lovely looking intimate waterway Lee, does it have any Barbel?

  4. It does indeed Mark, finding them is the problem. I've never tried yet but it's on the list. They go into double figures so will be a worthy campaign when I get round to it!

  5. I've never heard of any being caught on the stretch I fish, but then I rarely see anyone else fishing it, so who knows?

    What I should have said above is that I expect they are very localised and in small pods, and probably not many numbers in the river at all. It is something I will try at some point though as it would be fantastic to get one, a real sense of achievement.