Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Quick Spinning pt trois

On a complete whim I spent six quid on spinners at Go outdoors on Sunday while the wife and kids looked around the other shops next door.
Today - Six pm I pulled up by the river on the way home.  Fifteen minutes later I was on my way again to meet the wife and kids for food shopping, pleased that I'd stopped to land this fish after just half a dozen casts on one of the new spinners, a big copper 9gram jobbie on today's "power session"

Brownie points awarded by wife and a lure caught perch pb of 1lb 2oz in the bag.

perch fin moustache !!

Why haven't I thought of doing this before ???


  1. Told you its addictive mate! Ideal fishing for the discerning angler short on time!

  2. Certainly is, instantaneous fishing at its best.

  3. Nice perch Lee. I can see where the camera was for the first shot, but the second? Balanced on your toe?

  4. I know Dave its poor for me. In my defense I lost my camera adaptor /bankstick thingy the other day, so on now using fence posts , tufts of grass etc... Not ideal.

  5. Great blog. I catch perch by accident from time to time but have never got to grips with catching them on purpose.

    Have you tried Ondex spinners..?

    1. Thanks for the comment, I have tried ondex but yet to catch on them. To be fair I've not tried them much yet.

      I'm finding its very much a confidence thing, but now I'm catching a few I can afford to experiment.

      Recently found your blog btw, brilliant ! Made some drop offs already :)