Friday, 7 September 2012

Holiday snaps ...

Just got back from Majorca, (Mallorca if you're Spanish). The weather was a little changeable, not that it stopped us enjoying our week away. On the flight we were checking in hand luggage only to reduce the costs ( cheapskates) and after researching what you were allowed to take on board I read that you might not get a rod through customs in your bag. I risked it anyway and slipped an old Shakespeare 9ft telescopic in my small case. There were no issues going out through East Mids Airport but I got a bit of an inspection on the way back leaving Spain. I think they just wanted to check out the long stick shape the showed up on the x-ray machine. They still allowed it back home with me after realising it wasn't an offensive weapon after all (not in my hands anyway).

Of course I managed to shoehorn in a few short sessions while we were there. The results were small, in fact quite minute but I never blanked once over three sessions.

My son Jacob even got in on the action,  helping Daddy land this little monster.
I took only a rod and reel but no terminal tackle (sharp hooks etc not allowed in the case) and only managing to find some hooks for sale in a local supermarket  I had to improvise with a ledger for weight.
Champagne super sinker !
An old champagne cork cage I found on the floor and some suitable sandstone rocks did the job.
Oh and the hooks were a pack of size 12 to about 5lb mono, the bait bread and slices of ham from the all inclusive breakfast buffet ! All the fish came on ham, although they were really hard to hook stripping the bait in a swift jabbing take that was almost impossible to hit. A bit like chub or roach on speed. I don't think the hook size helped much and a size 16 or 18 would have done the job far better for these tricky little blighters. Shame I didn't tempt any bigger fish but these little scamps were so much fun trying to hook I kind of got preoccupied with them.

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