Saturday, 3 July 2010

Closing the chapter ...

It was to be my final Tench session for a while today and, like Ghana in the world cup, it ended so close but so far !

I started out in the swim I had caught from a couple of weeks ago but found the weed had now sprung up so much that it encroached nearly all the way across the width of the lake at this end.  I was starting to think I should be in another peg, when two other anglers turned up in the next peg and started arranging their kit and tackle.  I'm too used to having most of, if not all of the lake to myself , so was not happy about these two pitched in the next swim 20 yards away when the rest of the lake looked to be free! 
I decided to move and finding a usual hot peg near the car park free, I dropped in there to check the weed situation with the marker float. 

After a good few casts I was convinced I had found a dining table size gravel patch amongst some loosely growing Canadian pond weed.  With the spod  I baited the spot with hemp maggots and a few pellets and set up the rods.

Both rods were set up as helicopter rigs to try to avoid the weed growth, then cast in either side of the baited area.  I didn't have to wait long before the left hand rod was off !   I watched the bobbin rattled against the rod blank as the fish took line, I lifted the rod and disengaged the baitrunner and bent the rod in a swift upwards sweep to feel for the fish but it was only the disappointing resistance from the returning feeder that I was to feel.

I tried to shake off the deflated feeling with a new hope that there might be more chances to come, but this was not to be and the session ended at about 10:30pm with another blank.

The sky paints a picture in pink

I will be back on the Rivers for my next session after Barbel or Chub and hopefully I can get into some more consistent catches this season.


  1. That's a proper blank, Lee.


    Some lovely sunsets there!

    We were at McDonalds at the time, having a romantic meal for two....!

  2. Yeah the sunset made up for the blank (a bit), .... munching on a McDonalds too, now that would have sealed it !