Sunday, 18 July 2010

A procession of Perch

Another Sunday morning small river session, that began with a rain shower, not that the rain could stop me though. I started by casting a link ledgered worm into a small pool that was heavily overgrown with marginal reeds.

I poked the rod tip through them and waited for the first bite to happen, It didn't take long but disaster stuck when the vicious bite that wrapped the tip round resulted in a broken hook length.

 The Palomar knot had  parted near the swivel.   I must have damaged the line when tying it, creating a weak point that was exposed by the take and resulting strike, one of the drawbacks of a pre stretched line I guess.
I recast and caught my first palm sized Perch of the day, it was the start of a procession of them that meant  I finished up with about 15, the biggest getting on for about 6 oz.

First of many..

The biggest of the bunch

I was hoping for a nice Chub or a larger Perch but they didn't show.  Some of the holes and rafts looked like they would contain a wise old Perch, probably tucked away at the back watching the youngsters foolishly make their mistakes, like lemmings off a cliff.

 I managed to spot a female Banded Demoiselle, but she landed a bit too far away for a nice crisp shot unfortunately.

If not before, I will return in Autumn to see if any larger relatives of this perch population will make a visit to my net !

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