Sunday, 27 June 2010

Forget the football let's fish !!!

Sunday 27th June

England played Germany in Bloemfontein and lost 4-1 after a completely lac lustre and disappointing campaign.  The Germans were a class above us and showed us up in a completely deserved win, despite our disallowed goal.   I wrote a slightly drunken rant on here when I got back from the pub but today in sober reality, I've since removed it,  it just wasn't in keeping with our gentile sport of angling. (hem hem ..... embarrased cough) so let's forget football shall we and get back to the fishing.....

Lots of fry topping in the margins - an encouraging sign

Prior to the match,  I fished the tench lake and suffered another blank !
Fishing from 7:00am till 12:00pm not even a line bite was attracted this time.  The weather was hot and there was little or no wind to ripple the surface. The fish were probbly not on the feed, never mind I will be back for an evening sesh in the week as I am determined to get another good  fish from this lake before I get my river head on.   Fair play to those that are already targeting the less obvious species hopefully I will be able to overt my attention likewise in the coming weeks, then again..?

Watching the water for signs

While I was happily sat  fishing,  there were the occasional dog walker and people out for a Sunday morning stroll passing by, some stopping and asking the usual questions.   I had to laugh when a lady said "I bet it's good to sit and relax and think about nothing" I smiled and nodded thinking "relaxing,  think about nothing ! you must be joking", you don't really relax and before you know it 5 hours have slipped by and you haven't stopped thinking the whole time, I'm totally knackered usually.

 A morning flat calm

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