Friday, 23 July 2010

'Avon a go' !

Friday evening finally arrived and a trip to the river after work was well in order, after a long working week.

Inspired by reading an article by Stef Horak in July's C.A.T.,  I decided I would give the caster and hemp a serious go.  I have tried  a similar method before, but this time I thought I would try to build up the swim using just the casters and hemp and try hard not to be tempted to add any maggots, even though I had a pint with me.   I don't know why but I can't seem to buy casters without buying a pint of maggots too ?  On the first cast I had a small tap on the rod, but nothing worth striking at.

On the other rod I tried first a boilie, then later a small pellet. The pellet started to get a response straight away, the rod tapping and nodding every so often.

A nice way to start the weekend

In the last light before dusk the pellet rods tip bent round, I connected with a powerful fish that steamed off hugging the bottom and heading downstream.   I turned it and brought it up and out in front of me in the 'snag free' water.  Grabbing the net I thought I was now in control...., but not for long as it went off on another surge, crashing into the lilies and cabbage's to my left.  Finally after putting up quite a spirited fight, I managed to coax the fish into the net.  It had fought well for a mid size fish, as they often do, the size of this ones fins in proportion to its body, probably gives a bit of turbo boost.

This is my first fish from this stretch, which if nothing else means I know where they live now !

The caster rod had showed no further signs, so it was reluctantly packed away,while I concentrated on the other rod.   I've not had any Barbel on particle baits so far, but I'll give it some more time, as there are certain swims on other rivers where I think it would catch me a fish where pellets/boilies etc are usually ignored.  

 There's some power in that tail

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