Friday, 22 February 2013

Higher than a Jack ....

 I've not seen a decent pike in ages, and it's been getting pretty frustrating. The fact that I seem to have turned over to the dark side and become almost a lure only angler may have consigned me to jack city you might think, but you'd be completely wrong of course. You'll catch a lot of jacks along the way sure, but the bigger fish are always one cast away if you can find them.  
Recently I've been chasing some of the fish on a local river, one that I can easily nip down to on my way to work. This has enabled me a few more casts after fish that I just wouldn't have be able to try for if I was using other tactics like baits, it fits perfectly into my limited available bank time.
 I was on one of these sneaky little half hour visits, stopping on the way to work for a quick go before hitting the rush hour motorway. I managed to land a small jack before tempting this fat little lump up from the bottom of the river. Not quite the mid double I'm after but at 9lb 10oz it's a definite step in the right direction and a respite from the endless jacks I've been catching.  I think there's the potential for some bigger fish in the stretch if I can tempt them in time before the close season. There's also the need to get out on some larger rivers like the Trent or Dove where I could be in for some much bigger fish if only the conditions will hold right long enough, especially at weekends which is the only time I can get on them ! 

nice pose -shame about the crap quality photo!


  1. Nice one Lee. Those little 4plays are a great lure and can bag plenty of fish. I've had doubles on them in that size too. I think the big pike take these lures without thinking where a large lure they sometimes think twice about if the area is fished lots by lure anglers. If you think there's a chance of a lump just hit the spot time and time again and you'll drop on one. Make sure everything is ready, hooks sharp, line and trace in good condition etc so that when you get that one chance you make no mistakes. Good luck mate and looking forward to seeing a lump or two before the season is out!

  2. Thanks Paul, they're great on a shallow slow moving river or canal, I might have to use something bigger on the Trent though for the pike.