Sunday, 10 February 2013

Sink n Draw

I managed to oversleep so didn't get to the river till 8:30 this morning ! still the river wasn't up as much as I thought, but was starting to colour up a bit.

Since losing a fish last week on a soft 4play lure and then subsequently losing the lure afterwaeds, I had tried to buy a new set of them off eBay. The item didn't arrive though as the seller had run out of stock ! brilliant, and I'm still waiting for a set of the smaller 9.5cm lures to arrive that he offered me instead. This was from a top rated seller too, I've only ever fell foul of a scam once before on eBay in nearly 10 years so we'll see how this one pans out !

Anyway, back to the river this morning, I realised that the way the soft 4play fishes is, in effect, the same as twitching a small roach or sprat along sink n draw fashion. It flutters up and down when you slowly draw it back which gets even the most dormant of pike excited. the only problem is finding the pike's lye.

I headed out with a bucket of roach, chub and sprats to try and cutting a long story short I caught just the one Jack again (covered in leeches) on a small chublet twitched past a line of overhanging branches - in what were fast becoming difficult conditions with the river colouring up quickly as it rose steadily with the persistent rain over the last 24hrs or so.

On the up again

Hoping to get a fish up to mid double size from a river before the close, starting to feel the pressure now !

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