Monday, 4 March 2013

Jack pike - a reprisal

Just a string of small jacks to report since my last post, all peas in a pod between 3 - 4 lb each. The bigger fish are eluding  me again despite trying a variety of lures, both big and small  and even wobbled baits. Mind you my session today was supposed to be on the Dove where there are some nice fish in the stretch I was heading to. However I managed to leave my landing net handle behind the previous evening at my local river, so once I'd arrived, got the boot open and realised what I'd done I had to go back to look for it. I just couldn't risk trying to land a large pike with no net - I'm not really confident enough to chin a big fish like that out yet. Luckily when I got back, there it was propped up against the dead bramble bush where I'd left it! I took this as a good omen, another hour or so and  a dog walker or other angler would have had it for sure.  Hopefully I will get my chance on the Dove or Trent next weekend instead. 

Oh, and I nearly forgot to mention the egret I saw in very close proximity twice whilst I was swim hopping - nice to see these more unusual species in my local area. Rather one or two egrets for a change than a flock of bloody cormorants!

One on wobbled sprat
This one on a bit of 4play (sorry)

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