Sunday, 13 June 2010

Holiday Fishing

I've been away on holiday in Cornwall for the last week, but only managed to fit in a bit of fishing.  For the first outing I spent a frustrating morning trying to catch mullet from a lagoon in Looe know as the mill pool. I fished from early morning before the rest of the family were ready to go out for the day.   As I got the the water the river estuary was almost empty at low tide, so I decided to try the lagoon next to the car park as there were plenty of mullet in there.

 I fished a feeder to start with and then swapped over to a float,  spending two hours trying to hook one of these tricky little customers, but to no avail.   They managed to avoid getting hooked on every strike somehow -  it's worse than crucian fishing in that sense.   It didn't help that my bread had dried out a bit, this made it difficult to get a good presentation on the size 10 hook I was using.

The feeder never registered a discernible take but when I tried the float the mullet could be seen competing for the bread as soon as the float landed.  I only saw the float move from a fish taking the bait about three times in over 20 casts, each time the strike only resulted in a bare hook !
Later around 9:30 am when the dog walkers started to appear, the fish went off the feed suddenly, which was my cue to pack up and go, ensuring I would be back in good time for a day out with the family.  A very frustrating morning in all, after trying so hard to hook one I was determined to trip one of them up but it wasn't to be and I never got the chance to return the next day as I had planned in my head, as we were only in Looe for a couple of days.  There will be another time though.

I did manage to get a bit of sport however, when I took my daughter on her first mackerel fishing trip.  While the wife took my 2 year old son round the shops, we headed out on one of the boats in the harbour for a two hour trip.  We caught more than 20 fish between us sharing one rod (which kept us both busy enough !) and had a great time, taking some of our catch back to cook for supper.

Keeping with tradition the biggest fish went to the beginner !

The river estuary in Looe is packed full of life, from fish and birds to shellfish and crabs. It just screams out for a bass to be taken on a lure on the right tide. I would have loved to have had a go for them a early morning rising tide. Unfortunately it was only low receeding tides when I was able to fish.

We have made plans to visit the area again in the near future, so hopefully the tides will be in my favour for then.

Plenty of shoals of Sandeel were showing as we left Looe harbour to head home -  prime Bass fodder

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