Monday, 5 May 2008

When will they wake up?

Sat 3rd May 2008

I fished the tench lake again for a quick afternoon session, arriving late afternoon about 5.30pm. My set up's were a waggler in the margins and a feeder rod 25 yrds out near a bar. The bait used was worm with a juicy lob on the hook and a mixture of chopped reds and brandlings in the feeder and bait dropper. There was no sign of any fish throughout the session and unsurprisingly I blanked yet again.

Towards the end of my session Barry the gate keeper dropped round, well in fact he crept up on me and made me jump when he suddenly anounced himself (the spook). He confirmed that there has still been no tench caught yet this year, and we discussed how strange it was that there was no sign of fish yet considering that the conditions were now ideal. It can only be a matter of days before the lake finally wakes from its winter slumber.

On the plus side I did get treated do a display by a barn owl that was out hunting before it was dark. It passed by within 20 metres of me which is the closest I think I have ever seen one.
Water was up to 16 deg C

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