Saturday, 15 March 2014

Double ending

Well that's it the fishing's over on the rivers for another season, it's a shame half of it was scuppered by the weather but that's fishing in Britain I guess.  I rounded my season off with a couple of hours on the river after work and although I caught this nice 11 lb'er  I also lost three others due to my own stupidity, one of them a very nice fish too.  (Note to self) Always make sure you have spare hooks and traces made up so you don't have to rely on hooks that are no longer sharp enough.  I could have ended the season with a red letter day otherwise !! Ah well roll on the new season...


  1. Nice fish to finish the season, well done.

  2. Lessons learned are always welcome, just not always easy to take. You've finished on some nice fish though Lee. As you say, shame the rivers were out of action most of the time or more could have been had.

    1. Cheers Paul, I almost went to the tackle shop first after leaving work, but thought oh the hooks should be Ok if i give them a quick sharpen as time was short. Didn't expect to get four runs in two hours.. I think the biggest would have easily beat my target of 15lb :(
      oh well they'll still be there next season. Bit of canal fishing to look forward to now eh.