Sunday, 23 March 2014

Canal Zander - jigged

A bright and sunny Sunday lunchtime with on and off showers but a couple of hours free to myself,  I didn't fancy going far so I headed to the nearby canal. It's been a while since I successfully landed a lure caught Zander so headed to the stretch where I've succeeded before with the aim of trying out a fluorocarbon leader, as there are very few pike in this stretch.  I intended to attach this to a selection of light 2" jelly lures.   Unfortunately I had forgotten to put the bag of lures I had sorted out into my rucksack ! Luckily I still had some 3 & 4 " Kopytos in my other lure box in the car so dug them out from the dark corners of the box, dusted them down and fitted one to a 7gram jig head. 

It was a fair few casts before I finally had a take on an old 4" yellow kopyto that's done the rounds a bit, but hey if it still works then use it !

A bit overexposed... but you get the gist.

That was the only hit I tempted before I got a call from the wife asking if I fancied  heading out for a late Sunday lunch, Id already been out two hours and with a cold breeze biting my hands now, I happily agreed and headed back towards the car.

With the lighter evenings we have now,  I'm looking forward to squeezing in a few sessions on the way home from work so I can concentrate on finding more zeds and hopefully locate the perch ?


  1. Nice result Lee, gunna have a crack at zeds myself this year I think. If you go chasing the perch try to get out and away from the locks and bridges that everyone else are targeting (hit em first just to see though). Every man and his dog are out chasing perch and they're not always where people think they will be. If your canal is crystal clear then hit it first and last light. If it's slightly murky but still with a couple of feet visibility then get on it any time. If the soft shads aren't working then try a nice little jointed rapala shad rap, makes plenty of noise and if no one else has been using them the big perch will be on them.

  2. Thanks Paul, your right there were a couple of other lure anglers out and I rarely see anyone else. I hardly ever go fishing at midday but I can't afford to pass an opportunity when it presents itself ;)

    I think the perch do hang around in certain spots and like you say not always where you'd think. I had a two out a few years ago on maggot but I know there are considerably bigger if you can find them and put the right lure in front of them. I'll suss them out sooner or later I'm sure. Hope you get you zed soon i know you'll be instantly addicted, they're that type of fish!

  3. Nice one Lee, got it in mind to do a bit of canal zedding myself soon

    1. Cheers Rob, yes just a couple of weeks to get yerself down the cut before you get your tench head on eh !

    2. Same old story eh, where to start! Roaching this week then I'll see