Monday, 5 August 2013

Hitting my targets for the summer

Like a few other bloggers I've been a bit quiet lately in terms of posts. I have been out a hand full of times but not really had much to report of late . Here's a quick catch up of the past few weeks for you.

I think I'm getting a bit lazy and settling for the easy and convenient option of lure fishing more these days although to contradict myself, I have been planning a few trips for barbel in the coming weeks, but we'll see what happens with that.

front hook removed
I'd love to catch a nice chub on a lure this summer, it's another one of those boxes to tick. My favourite local stretch of small river was the venue to try this out where the chub can run to 5lb plus and the average stamp is in the 3 to 4lb bracket. This is a small intimate river and you must creep around and remain stealthy if you are to have any chance. The water clarity on arrival was decidedly crystal so my presence on the skyline would have to be kept to the absolute minimum. I tried a few spots that have always produced for me in the winter on baits, and I saw a few smaller chub mooching around in places. With some gentle casting to the edges of trees and along streamer beds, the lure landing with an enticing 'plop', I could not get the fish interested in the small plug or crayfish jig I tried.

Finally, I reached the last spot that was fishable and after one or two tentative casts, the lure snagged some strands of streamer weed pulling up a few clumps and dislodging clouds of sand and silt which fouled the water, and must have spooked any fish hiding under the raft I was trying to tempt them out from.

weedless lure required for this swim !
This, a favourite swim, was completely overgrown and nigh on impossible to fish with all the excess vegetation about, so I called it a day and headed to another stretch of river where things are slightly more open.

Here the water is certainly more accessible and although it looked like it would hold some decent chub and perch it also screamed out barbel ! My mind has a tendency to jump about a bit when I see a swim that looks this good.

The barbel would have to wait on this session though  and I ended up with just one small perch on the jigged crayfish and a jack to a surface plug.


I visited the Lincolnshire countryside last weekend and managed to get out to look at a local drain that is near the mother in laws caravan park where we stay. It looks mouth watering to say the least and gave me a good idea of the fenland drains of piking legend.
I talked to a chap pole fishing who landed a few skimmers and an eel of about a pound or so while I was there. I have no doubt there will be some decent pike to be had in here too. I will be visiting again in a few weeks so I will have the lure rod to hand I'm sure.

Lincolnshire drain in summer
Since returning from there, I have only managed to get out for a few hours and landed this small jack after losing a larger fish during one of the downpours of rain we received this afternoon.
Funnily when the rain stopped so did the action, so I moved to a nearby canal to see if I could muster a zander or perch. I didn't get a touch but I did meet a guy fishing with an ultra light set. He told me he'd been out in the morning and took up to 20 zeds and a number of perch from another stretch of canal. He then went home had a sleep then came here this afternoon and took a chub and some perch. The lure used was a tiny orange worm (like a small curly tail ) it certainly got my mind ticking over as I have thought about going more ultra light set up than my current set up. If I could catch half of what he claims he can achieve in a session with a set up similar, then it would be a very worthwhile investment I think !!  
Next time maybe some barbel ... and hopefully a lure caught chub who knows ?


  1. For numbers of fish you definitely want an ultra light set up Lee. For a start you'll enjoy catching smaller fish and then when you get a decent perch or a bigger jack it's an enjoyable fight. The main reason though is that you'll catch more fish. My rod is rated 5-15g but you can go even lighter than that though in my opinion that's the range you want to start with. If you then go ultra ultra light that's your choice but you would be looking to use tiny lures then. A 5-15g rod lets you cast kopytos on a jig head, small spinners, and small plugs of say 3-5cm range. Your crayfish and that plug in the picture will be spot on. Get a 5-6ft rod and a 1000 size reel and you'll be perfect for some fun.

    1. Thanks Paul, not really sure about going ulra ultra light, but 5-15g seems about light enough. The chap last night had a diawa UL rod that he bought in the states and a 1000 shimmy matched with it. I'd say it was 5 or 6ft max. Can see how you would get very good controll on such small lures with it.

      Think it might be the way forward on that canal as its mainly perch and zeds with very few pike to speak of.

  2. I like that crayfish lure!

    1. John, it's got a good action and looks pretty lifelike to me, even with my limited ability with it LOL

      Most on line lure sites sell them, just check the size before you buy, as I bought some that were REALLY small by mistake. !!

  3. I agree with John Lee, that crayfish looks the business.