Friday, 25 February 2011

Pike removal from OUR canals

Picture Source / 2010 / Trev Grant /

This may be old news to some of you ? but it seems the BW are at it again and Pike are also a target.

They have been electro fishing the B'ham & Fazeley Canal to remove numbers of pike.   Their only reason appears to be to appease the match anglers on this stretch, who are complaining about pike snaffling the roach and gudgeon on the way to the net.  The fish have been allegedly killed and sold on to market.
I find it sad and despicable that BW are allowed to do this on our midlands canal network. It's common knowledge that they do the same with the Carp that are then used to stock other commercials like their Blythe waters in Knowle.  Small Zeds are also culled periodically by BW and sold to market, the larger ones (doubles) sold on to the likes of Bury hill for stocking in their now famous zander lake.

This is a canal I know well, fishing it since boyhood and feel it shows no respect firstly for the fish themselves or secondly the anglers that like to fish for them.

Just Shocking !!

Picture Source / 2010 / Trev Grant /

here's the links to some current petitions

I don't know what good it will do? but it's nice to voice your opinion.

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