Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Reasons to be cheerful....1 2 3

Venturing out on Boxing day to fish ....

1. The first river I visited was completely frozen over but I got some nice wintry pics.. ahh

2.  River two (the Trent), and a blank fishing one rod for chub and one for pike.  Forced to find a spot with less of the margin ice,  I discovered a few new swims that look good for future visits.

Margins frozen with thick ice,  over a rods length out

This sweeping reed lined slack drops to a nice depth,  predator heaven ? 
3.  Today, and the snow is quite noticeably thawing, which although might scupper the rivers for a bit, the lakes and canals might just be fishable again while we wait for the snow melt to run out the rivers  !

Just think in three months time it'll be spring ! (OK that's four but you get the gist)

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