Friday, 31 December 2010

My last fish of 2010

Went out to the small river for a last blast in 2010

not so frozen this time !

Fishing first for roach, I had a little success with link ledgered breadflake...

The roach swim

Roach about 7 oz
The bites soon became very finicky and impossible to hit - my Greys barbel rod is a bit too stiff even with the 2oz tip on - think I need to invest in a lighter rod for this sort of fishing.

Next onto the chub swim downstream...

Chub 4lb 11oz
and this fine chub obliged late on to my three season old cheesepaste (it stinks).

Happy New Year everyone - Roll on 2011 


  1. You should have waited for Jan first with that near five pounder, Lee. That'd be a fifty percenter!

  2. Yeah, I know but I reckon there's a good chance of some going bigger in that swim though Jeff, (watch me catch nothin but 2 pounders from now on!).

    It's the roach I'm more bothered about at the moment, as I don't have a banker swim where I know I can catch pound plussers ..... yet !

  3. Cracking Blog mate

    i saw you followed mine through my stats, yours makes a nice read

    keep it up


  4. Thanks Danny, I'm thinking about attempting some more lure fishing in the coming weeks, so I'll be re scanning through yours for inspiration - all the best !