Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Magic moment

With the afternoon free and a daughter off school on Easter holidays, I decided it was high time I introduced her to the magic of fishing.    She has been asking me to take her for quite a while now, so with the sun beating down and the temperature into double figures, off we set.

Arriving at the pool we quickly set up a float rod and fished for anything that came along.   After one or two casts the float was fine tuned and ready for action.   It didn't take long before it sailed under.  These initial bites were missed of course, until eventually one of the small Roach was successfully swung in to my hand and the first fish of her career landed and photographed.

first of many ..?

We continued to catch a steady succession of 3in blades for the next few hours even landing a specimen gudgeon (certainly a good PB she'll find hard to beat)

super gonk..!

The only minor hiccup happened when I managed to temporarily impale a hook in my daughters finger whilst helping her to sort out a tangle, oww! ... happens to me nearly every session I tell her! which didn't seem to help, it was cleaned and she soon forgot about it though, that is until mom phoned to check we were both ok !

Later on the skies clouded and it tried to rain.   The temperature dropped considerably and before long the cold wind took its toll so we called it a day.   Both of us had really enjoyed the afternoon  fishing this beautifull old pool.  I was pleased to be asked on the way home, when I would be taking her again !  ( I'd better get her some of her own tackle soon then, or I won't get a look in ! )


  1. Wow,that Gudgeon really is a cracker.I also take my daughter fishing,it won't belong before they're catching more than us.

  2. yes, it was a real monster ! shame the photo doesn't do it justice... lol.
    I've no doubt she'll be showing me what to do before long.