Friday, 30 April 2010

Charming !

I've been too busy to fish over the last week or so due to some revising and completing of assignments for a course I'm doing at Uni.   It will be all over in a few weeks so I am doing my best to get all the work out the way.  It's been very difficult to maintain motivation though, what with the conditions we've had over recent days, and all the catch reports and blogs I've been reading.

After today's rain I decided to have a look on the lawn in the back garden to see if the worms were out.   I've promised myself another Perch session before I get my Tench head on.    Sure enough, I was pleased to find they were very much out and 'basking' in the mild, damp and muggy conditions that we experienced tonight.

I managed to wrestle out about 30 fine hard fighting specimens in half an hour.  I lost a few too when the reactions started to wane 20 minutes in.  Having access to a good bit of lawn I'm lucky enough to never have to buy them, in fact its a preference to collect them myself when they are so freely available.   I also keep an old wheelie bin full of peelings, veg and fruit scraps which is home to thousands of red worms.  I've kept these for about 4 or 5 years with no more effort than the recycling we are all used to doing now.  A great year round source of chopped worm or for smaller hook baits.

So with the bucket full I'm ready to go.   If the opportunity presents itself over the next few days I'll be out on the canal, either at dusk or first light when the boats are quiet for a quick session trying for a nice stripey or two.

Here's a good  read about the keeping of and fishing with worms     I've Got Worms

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