Thursday, 10 September 2009

Sept so far....

After returning from Holiday on the I fished the Dove on the following Sunday (6th) and again didn't catch. I did get my ticket checked by Jim Ufton, the current Dove River Record holder, who was fishing the peg next to me and told me the river was not fishing particluarly well this season, he wasn't sure exactly why??
Suffice to say we both blanked, so I didn't feel too inferior fishing along side him. He also confirmed that a 15lber had been out from this stretch last season (which was why he was there presumably??).
We talked about stretches on the Trent and he reccomended a stretch to me which I plan give a go soon.
He seemed friendly enough but I couldn't help thinking to myself that it must be hard work chasing after the largest Dove fish all the time, but then again I suppose if you can get out three or four times a week like he does, you might as well go for it!

That's probably why he enjoys sessions on the Trent so much as it must be more of a relaxing pleasure fish for him, the fish are not bad either, being a good average stamp at around 9 - 10 lb with the outside chance of a surprise lump.

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