Sunday, 13 September 2009

Dove am session

I had to drop my parents off at East Mids Airport for 6:30am, so not being one to miss an opportunity I decided to fish the Dove on the way back for a couple of hours.

I fished two rods, one with source flavoured pellet and one with hallibut boilie. The only indication I had all session was a sharp pluck on the boilie during the first cast. Apart from that there were no further indications from any fish. I did hear a large fish splash under the far bank willows soon after I arrived and saw some large ripples wash out from under there, but they were obviously not in a feeding mood. The weather was warm and sunny and the river was very low and clear (the lowest I have ever seen it). Another blank ensued as I had to pack up at 9:30 am to get back home in time to take my daughter swimming. I enjoyed being out on the river in the morning for a change despite not catching and as long as I feel that I have learned something then no trip is ever wasted.

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