Thursday, 11 June 2009

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Tue 9th June 2009

As planned I fished at Staunton Harold Reservoir but after spending all day trying two areas on the water, I blanked.

 It was really hard going and I failed to spot any fish on this massive sheet of water. The first area I chose on a point, had lots of weed around and a strong cross wind making casting difficult,  so in the afternoon I moved into a quiter bay on the south west arm.

It's like fishing an inland sea and locating the fish is the biggest problem. To attempt this water effectively I will need to do a bit more investigation and maybe try to speak to some other anglers etc... I don't think I will spend much more time on it anyway this season, as my focus will move back onto the rivers in a weeks time, and of course there's still more sessions on the Tench lake to fit in this summer yet.

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