Sunday, 7 June 2009

A pattern emergies ?

Tue 2nd June 2009

Once again I fished the Tench Lake and this time in the peg next to last weeks.  This is where Steve had fished at the weekend and another chap I had spoken to had blanked on the previous week.  Suprisingly there were still no captures from this peg despite it producing some of the biggest fish to have come out of the lake in recent seasons, that I know of anyway!  I blanked spectacularly with out a single touch all day.

The weather was hot and sunny with little or no breeze.  The fish were probably other wise occupied with spawning activities.  I didn't see any fish all day and it makes me wonder if they have moved to another part of the lake, where it is shallower perhaps?

I will be back again in a week or two as I plan to fish a reservoir on my club ticket for my next Tench trip.

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