Thursday, 16 April 2009

Trent and Mersey Zander session

Thursday 9th April
Before I started fishing, I checked out the back of Branston Water Park to see what the pegs are like. As the daylight photos here show, there are some tasty looking swims to go at for Perch and Zander.

Despite these great looking swims, I still opted to fish the same stretch as last week up from Tilhill bridge, because I wasn't sure if they locked the gates at Branston water park at night or not? As it turns out my Burton Mutual key will work there so I could have stayed ! still, there's a session for another day.

I fished for Perch again, but also had two rods set up for Zander after talking to a chap on my last session here. I had a good run on the perch feeder set up with a large lob worm on the hook, but somehow fluffed it.

During the take I hesitated too much and didn't hit then run before the bobbin had stopped risng towards the rod blank ! so the fish had probably dropped it already. It might have felt too much resistance, so i will be using a lighter set up next time I think.

I did manage to get some of my zander set up organised though, despite not getting any interest in the baits on this session.

I fished with a wire trace and 3 oz lead on free running ring, using Roach and smelt sections cut into either heads or tail pieces and hooked with two size 8 or 10 trebles.

I saw the same chap I spoke to last week here again, he arrived after me to fish his peg from last week but I was already set up in it ! He asked if he could set up a few yards up, which I said "yeah of course, no problem" and despite having one good bite on link legered worm, he blanked too. Jed the local drunk nutter didn't put in an appearance this week, thank God! and I was able to stay fishing un-pestered until about 10pm when I finally called it a day. I also spoke to two lads eel fishing by the bridge that were quite helpfull and gave ne some pointers on how to tackle the Zander.

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