Thursday, 16 April 2009

Morning Start on Coventry Canal Grendon

Monday 13th April
Fished the Coventry Canal at Grendon today on an early morning session, this time starting at 7:00am. I was treating this session as a bit of a reccy to test out fishing for Zander on a float set up. I had been advised to use a float by the kid in Sheltons tackle shop in Tamworth.
He said he's had Zander out to 13lb from this canal using this method, he also warned that the carp quite like roach chunks too !

After researching the float rig on the web and specifically on You Tube, I came up with a suitable version and tried it out using the two rods "leapfrogging" method.

This is simply leapfrogging one rod over the other each time you recast, working your way along the canal. It's a great way of testing all likely looking swims in an attempt to locate fish.

I managed to get from one bridge  down to the next bridge using this method, and realised that the area leading up to furthest bridge looked the better area after all.

As the time approached 11 am, by now the boat traffic was getting unbearable and as it was also a Bank Holiday Monday, I called it a day and went home to take the family out for the day.
At least I know where to head straight for next time I visit here, a fishing session is never wasted and you are constantly learning something every time you go.

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