Sunday, 13 July 2008

Felt like the Winter Blues in July!

Fished the Dove again this week on Fri 11th July. Fished through till about 12:30 am in temperatures, once it was dark, that felt more like February than mid summer!!I tried a swim just upstream from last weeks area, but still blanked - things are getting desperate now. I just need a fish to know that I am using correct methods and to restore my confidence in the tactics I am using. I did see a fish caught downstream from me ironically enough in the swim I fished last week but from a peg on the opposite bank. I will have to keep persevering though as I believe the results are poor all over & not just for me at the moment. Sooner or later things will improve, so I want to be on the banks of the Dove when it does when the barbel will come on the feed full tilt, and I will be able to open my Dove account!!

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